Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We like to give our clients choices. Besides having completely customized websites, you own the website we create. You can host it on our servers, or you can find your own hosting company. Doctors can choose whether to update the website content themselves or have us do it for them. If you feel you can maintain the website and its marketing on your own after the initial starting phase, you are welcome to do so. However, finding a hosting company, doing SEO and making content updates can take time that most doctors do not have, and we are happy to help.

Website Hosting

Don’t feel like wasting time shopping for a dependable hosting company? We have our own reliable hosting service with great customer support. There are cheaper hosting solutions out there, but with hosting, you have to be really careful and shop around. Even though a service can provide cheap prices, you might be overpaying in the long run when your website goes down frequently. Not only are you paying the hosting company while the website is down–hosting is not prorated, you are paying for their services whether or not your website is online–you will also be losing prospective patients who are trying to access your site while it is down. These patients will not bookmark your inactive page to revisit at a later time, they will just turn to your competitors. Search engines also look badly upon pages that are returning a not found message often, and it will hurt your search engine rankings.

Even though hosting with another company can seem simple, it becomes complicated when you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Allowing professionals to do it for you is usually a much safer choice, and they will be able to manage your hosting without the usual hiccups and crashes that a novice user experiences. Some people argue that having a website like that hosts your website is the answer, but unfortunately these options usually lack the customizability that most companies require. In addition, a company that hosts their own websites has probably hosted hundreds of websites through their own process, and is aware of certain mishaps and hiccups that might occur. They have the experience to navigate issues quickly and know how to avoid them before they occur. When you take care of your own hosting, it will probably be your first time dealing with the various jargon and complicated processes involved. If something goes wrong or if your account is hacked, you will have little to no knowledge on how to fix it. Finding the solution can be a huge drain on your time and simply isn’t something a medical professional should spend time on. For these reasons, we suggest bringing your hosting to a professional company so they can oversee any problems for you.

If you are using your own hosting service, you probably have to purchase your domain names as well. Visit registrars, such as, to purchase your domain name.

Content Management – Medical Marketing

On the internet, content is king. Content is the reason for your website’s existence, and is integral to your medical online marketing plan. To keep your website current, you need to make content updates. Frequent content updates will improve your search engine rankings, and increase traffic to your site in other ways as well. If you have interesting content, visitors will come to read it, and some of these might become conversions or a referral source. They might link your page on their websites, or spread it through word of mouth offline. The more people that hear about you, the more traffic will come in.

We use an intuitive content management system that makes it easy for doctors to update their website content. Add articles, news, blog posts, and anything else you can think of to attract more patients. We have consulting services for content, and we have content writing services at your disposal as well. If you are too busy to update your content on your own, we can do that for you as well.

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