Content Writing

Content Writing

Content is integral in your doctors’ office’s marketing materials and website. Medical marketing is about spreading the message that you can deliver services or value to patients. What is the purpose of an empty website, or a website that only states your contact information? People visiting your website would want to know more about your doctors’ office and how you can help them. Search engines understand this principle as well, and they will give higher rankings to websites with high quality content.

Content Writing for Doctor Marketing Online

Doctor Marketing Designs can provide content writing services that match what potential patients and search engines are looking for. It is important that your content be search engine optimized because having high rankings on search engines makes it easier for people to find you whenever they need medical services.

Search engine bots, however, differ from human visitors, and other medical marketing agencies attempt to exploit this fact. Bots are programmed to look for keywords on your pages to determine the type of content you have, and how to rank your site. Some medical marketing agencies think it is best to repeat keywords excessively on their clients’ websites in order to manipulate the search engine bots into thinking it is good content. Sometimes this works on the less sophisticated bots, but nowadays search engine bots have become advanced enough to filter out this technique, because the repetition of keywords decreases readability for humans.

Regardless of whether or not copy optimized to that extent improves your ranking, we know it is bad doctor marketing. Your doctor marketing material can reach every person on earth and it will be counterproductive if none of those people can easily read it. At best, you might attract one or two desperate patients who have nowhere else to turn, at worst, you can drive away a huge potential customer base who will not bother to click on your website again. We understand that marketing for your doctors’ office is made towards people first, and everything else comes after that. The goal of our content writing and medical marketing strategy is to drive patient contact, and that is done with content that is informative, compelling, and reader friendly.

Like the rest of our web design and medical marketing process, we collaborate with you every step of the way in content writing to ensure you are happy with the final outcome. Our content writers and medical marketing team have an extensive database of keywords so your website has every chance to reach your potential patients, who will use these keywords to search for you. Our medical marketing team will work with you to develop the right keywords and keyword combinations so you can have the patients you want, and to figure out the tone of the content to attract the right audience.

Everything about your site, from the visual presentation to the content, needs to demonstrate that you can help your patients, because this message is integral in converting website visitors into patients for your doctors’ office.

Why You Might Write Your Own Medical Content

When visitors come to your website, they read your blurbs and service descriptions to be informed on the subjects you discuss, but also to get an understanding of you office’s personality and voice. When others write your content, it can be exceedingly convenient because you are free to continue your other business. However, you must consider why you have a website and a blog in the first place. Readers want to hear your thoughts in your voice, and if you offer something that isn’t truly you, your content will lose trust rather than develop it.

How do you decide if you should hire external help or have your own medical professionals do it? The most obvious constraint is time. Do your doctors and staff have the additional time to sit down and write educational, thoughtful content? Consider also if writing these posts will be beneficial to them–writing about their activities can be enlightening and can open them up to more resources about their work. Finally, would they enjoy it? Are they the kind of people who appreciate shared opinions and have a distinct voice? Blogging, at its core, is about opinions, and it’s vital that your blog contains real opinions. A blog is a place where you and your practice can express certain opinions and theoretical arguments about medical decisions that you simply aren’t given the opportunity to do in everyday practice. Writing your own content can be extremely rewarding, and keeping a well updated blog will bring potential patients and medical experts your way so that as you share information, you too become more informed and knowledgeable about your area of expertise. If you are really pressed for time, you can always hire a writer to fill out the less opinionated areas of your blog–like news updates or company updates–while you and your doctors write the more personal / educational posts.

You want to make sure that your content is SEO friendly and engages your reader every step of the way. Create a unique perspective about the industry that you are in allowing prospective patients to differentiate your business. When you write your own content, you are describing your company first hand, and thus displaying the true value of your office. In the end your company needs to develop quality SEO content using strategic keywords based on research. This strategy will create a larger impact on your company’s overall marketing strategy.